How To Get Broadband Connection In Distinct Ways

‘Broadband’ is a term quiet often used recently in all fields like Education, Medicine, Research etc. It is a hi-tech method of getting Internet access with great speed. Broadband connection can be obtained in distinct ways like through traditional telephone lines, wireless, cords and even through satellites. This article is going to explain you the various modes or ways of getting a broadband connection. Therefore it will be easy for you to choose any of the method for getting fast Internet access.

 Via Telephone lines
It is possible to get broadband Internet access through your traditional telephone lines.

 Via Copper Telephone lines / ADSL
It is sub method of getting broadband access through a special type of copper telephone lines. It is a unique form of getting broadband by using Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL). ADSL has been used to cover short distances say less than 5 kilometres. 80% of UK people has been used this ADSL method to get Internet access. There are a lot of benefits while using an ADSL connection. Uploading and downloading is very fast when compared to other methods of Internet access.

 Via Cable
Cables can also be used to get the broadband access. Television cables are also used for getting the Internet service. You can use telephone as well as Internet simultaneously. It is very simple to install. It is possible to enjoy these services only in large towns or cities.

 Wireless Connections
In this method, you can get Internet access without using wires. The only limitation of this method is the non-availability of wireless services in all areas.

 Via Satellite
Getting broadband Internet access through satellite is easy and it is available everywhere except the slum or remote areas. The vital limitation to be considered in this method is its huge cost. You have to spend more to get this type of broadband service. This method can be preferred while you do not get Internet access from any of the above explained methods. For which you have to install a special satellite dish. 100% of UK population can get this service.

How To Get Free Broadband Connection?

Are you still hanging out with a dial-up internet service? If so, you have practiced yourself to wait for a time of having your lunch while a web page get loads on your browser. Had you thought of the time you waste waiting for a page to appear on your computer screen? Presently most of the UK households are provided with the infrastructure nearby to have a broadband connection and a broadband provides you a high-speed internet service that once experienced you cannot look back. Still few feel a broadband to be an expensive option. So, here is a way to get free broadband service and save your money without being spent.

Majority of people pay huge bill for their phone service together for the dial-up internet service. You can get rid of the phone service that passes you huge bills but can have your phone and internet service and also at the same time can have your money left in your pocket. Doing this is very plain and you need only a simple but clear plan in your mind.

Go for a high-speed internet from a cable provider and then get an internet phone service from a VoIP provider. The total bill for the broadband and internet phone will be less than of what you paid before and will be sparing the money now, which you paid towards phone service.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technique to remove your huge phone bills. This is accomplished because the phone signal here uses the same line used for your internet and so no need of paying extra. It also allows you to use the phones you use for regular phone connection and there is no need to find a computer and headphone for using your VoIP. To add, few internet phone systems are capable of supporting video. Just think of seeing the person to whom you talk in real-time. You feel more naturalistic something like talking to someone in person.

Also, you can apply and enjoy the same concept over DSL broadband. You can attain great savings by using cable for your broadband. This is finest concept to get an all-inclusive service and save money as well as. Therefore, by getting rid of one of two bills, you get the broadband internet service free.

The another very good news for the internet users here is that BT is in plan to offer free broadband to all its customers once its latest network project is on. The all-new free broadband will be available to the customers in a way that by just plugging the computer to the existing basic line the setup installation will be accomplished. So, with the new network coming to live, there will be no need of boxes or installation engineers for a broadband setup. You can speed up your broadband by buying additional fast download speeds from your provider. But it actually needs some time waiting to have the service.

A simple plan and little smart thinking offer you a free high-speed internet service. Be informed to get a clear-cut free broadband internet service, which is shortly to come.

Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Broadband?

Are you ready to upgrade your residential service to DSL or business service to real broadband or T1? Well, the answer lies in what you need. Before you can realize your needs, you must understand more of what the word broadband really means. Below I will try to give you some realtechnical terms broken down for a better understanding.

First of all, you must know some of the jargon! The word broadband itself simply is defined as a high speed Internet service that gives you continuous access to the Internet on a consistent basis. Broadband includes a technology called ADSL which stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and requires a special modem to access the line. This technology uses standard copper telephone lines to provide Internet access speeds from 1.5 to 9 megabytes per second. DSL technologies or Digital Subscriber Lines use a higher frequency than standard telephone communication.

There are several types of DSL configurations including ADSL or Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Lines, HDSL or High data rate DSL, and VDSL or Very High Data Rate DSL. A DSL line dynamically increases the capacity of ordinary copper wire. Since the signal is stronger the closer you are to the DSL Access Multiplexor or DSLAM the faster your signal will be the closer you are to the DSL provider’s Central Office or distribution point. DSL lines are typically used for small business and residential customers. Of course as your needs grow, it should be understood; that the more data you need to transfer, the larger the pipe (Internet access line or physical copper wire) you need to transport the data. This is where more sophisticated forms of broadband come in for business use. The technical terms for this type of broadband is measured by the amount of data that the line transfers. T1 -Transmits data in the range of 1.5 million bits per second and primarily used by small and medium sized business with heavy upload and Internet traffic. A T-1 line is usually leased by bandwidth used. Typical uses are large graphic files, photographs, sound files, music, video, etc. However, your company should evaluate the amount of data and computers that are connected for Internet Access at the same time. T1 lines in the United States carry a 24 pulse code modulation (PCM) signal using time-division multiplexing (TDM). These lines use copper wire which usually connect major metropolitan areas. There are a number of high quality companies that offer T1 Broadband and you will find that prices do vary so it is important that you compare.

You may also find that your local cable provider may have introduced their version of broadband which actually can emulate one side of a T1 connection. However, you should be aware… you may actually get 1.5 mpbs on the download side, but when you try to upload a file, your bandwidth is cut down to about 1/10th. A cable connection is made for residential customers to surf the Internet with great speed and download files, but not made for you to upload with great speed. This slow upload limit is the major difference between a real T1 line and cable.

There are many types of broadband connections that are much faster circuit than T1, these range from T3 (3 times faster than T1) to OC-48, and a frame relay connection which really are the same thing just MUCH larger pipes (lines) that can transmit the data. I have found while working with broadband providers you really need a persona coach to help guide you through the process. Not only can personal coaches such as ImageLink Networks guide you through the red tape, the efficiency that comes from our presence and telecom knowledge will save you time and money in the end. It is important to seek an unbiased opinion and research for the best real time price for your T1 line. Broadband is a commodity, and changes as new subscribers come online in specified areas. To make a long story shorter, you are ready for a broadband connection if you are tired of waiting for a standard dial up to connect and download.

Do not be confused, dial up companies use a standard phone line to connect you to their server to bring you an Internet connection. One thing is for sure, if you ever experience a broadband connection via cable, T1, T3, DS-3, or better you will never ever go back to dial up.

What To Expect When You Switch To An NBN Wireless Plan

Are you interested in signing up for an NBN fixed wireless plan but not sure if it is the right solution for your needs? What does the process entail and what are the advantages that you can expect out of it?

If you are new to the NBN bandwagon, then you probably have the same questions as mentioned above. If so, then you would be glad to know that the National Broadband Network has presented new and fantastic broadband innovation that assures to offer an exceptional broadband connection that will provide Australians access to a wealth of info and opportunities to link.  NBN wireless broadband service addresses the increasing requirement for quick, trustworthy, and constant broadband service.


Countless Australians all across the nation are taking pleasure in the advantages of NBN fixed wireless. If you have been struggling with a slow and unreliable internet connection from an old ADSL provider, then a switch to wireless NBN comes highly recommended.

Here are some facts about NBN fixed wireless and how it can significantly benefit your home:

What is NBN fixed wireless?

Simply put, NBN wireless broadband in Australia is a breakthrough broadband innovation that can send and get quick information between two points. NBN fixed wireless possesses robust and dedicated bandwidth- a quality that other broadband Internet technologies fail to provide.

Advantages of NBN Fixed Wireless Installation

Quick setup

One goal of the National Broadcast Network is to roll out fibre to the node (FTTN), fixed wireless, and satellite NBN broadband across Australia. Fixed wireless is typically recommended for those residing in rural and local areas. Satellite NBN, on the other hand, is the best broadband Internet service for those living in remote regions of the nation.


Installation of fixed wireless is much faster when compared with traditional ADSL2 copper wire service. Your home can be connected to fast Web service within 3 to 6 days after an ask for installation. For those residing in remote neighbourhoods or those living in away islands, installation of satellite NBN is 90 days after the request for installation.

Scalable Bandwidth

NBN provider offers numerous kinds of Internet strategies with similar speeds and bandwidth. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan based on your data use or browsing requirements. Another aspect that impacts bandwidth requirement is the number of individuals in a home. Typically, significant dwellings have higher bandwidth demands. With NBN service, Internet service suppliers have made it simple for customers to change their strategies. You can make the most of speed boosts if you want much faster Web speeds on a temporary basis.